Monday, April 03, 2006

fun with house hold supplies

i bet its written already and a brownie point to the first person who finds in and posts a link in comments.

saran wrap. there i've said it.

its absolutely the coolist kitchen supply that can be used for fun and games in the bedroom - or anywhere else you can think of ;-)

the image is from deviantart unsurprisingly - someone thought they were being 'artistic' again. there were some others on my hard drive but they just got too rude to be posted here..... just google saran wrap fetish or mummy fetish....

of course please post your first hand experiences with it too. :-)



Bradley said...

Notes from my playing with saran/plastic wraps:

--it is *always* easier to have someone else wrap you than it is to wrap yourself. :> It produces a smoother finish and a tighter look too. Having said that, it *is* possible, with a little experimentation, to either a) get a good tight legs wrap, or b) get a tight ankles-to-armpits hobble-skirt wrap by your lonesome if you aren't worried about perfect smoothness or looks.

--clearly thin layers look better, but thicker ones are more tight and restrictive. :)

--good tape helps. Then again, so does good wrap, the idea being that they should both have some stretch to them, not be *too* self-sticking, and still cut easily from odd angles (for the rare self-wrapper).

--heat is an issue. If the wrap is done right and you are in play, so to speak while wrapped, good wrap will *tighten* as you warm up (cheap stuff will soften instead, both properties have their perks). But the point is, while some sweat is good, if you are wearing using anything constrictive under the wrap, too much heat buildup can be a pain, especially if you have to think clearly to *get yourself out* (mea culpa, I've had to self-experiment a bit too much, and not had enough ladies to experiment on).

--if you are so lucky that you *have* another person wrapping you (or to wrap), play around with both mummy and limbs-free positions. :) Legs-free might not seem like much, but you will have to sweat quite a bit to keep your legs from sticking together and hobbling you anyway. If that is your thing, if not, a bit of lube in the right places fixes the problem, of course.

--NO wrapping the face. This one is a no-brainer. They don't call it cling wrap, or warn you about babies and small kids, for nothing, this stuff WILL smother you if you aren't careful. And while holes are easy to poke and tear in single layers, it gets to be a struggle in 6 or more, and aside from that, you *don't* want to end a play session in a spazzy ugly frenzied struggle to *breathe*.

--it goes without saying, if you want direct play, get in the habit of cutting or poking clean holes. If you'd rather keep it smooth, learn to tie, tape or otherwise place vibrators in the right places.

TMI? Maybe, but with the right mindset (how it *feels* and makes you *move* trumps, *way* trumps, how it looks) this stuff is FUN. :D

TSG said...

I've been wrapped up a few times in the last couple of months, and I can tell you it's more than a lot of fun. It gets a little hot, but some of that might be due to being played with when wrapped up.

TSG said...

Off topic, but does anyone want to see Barbie on stage?

Oneeyedjack said...

Yum - plastic wrap. Love it! Try a blow drying it on your dolly for that shrink wrap feel. The face looks great wrapped. Just make sure to stick a piece of PVC tubing in the dolly's mouth (or perhaps surgical tubes in the nose)for her to breath through.

Anonymous said...

barbie on stage? sounds interesting but i've been disappointed before.

Edo said...

I see Brad and Ayumi Hamasaki have something in common. A plastic wrap fetish.

I must admit she would look nicer wrapped in it.