Thursday, April 13, 2006

glossy paperless fetish magazine

as a dedicated latex lover i read a fair number of fetish sites and real magazines like skin two, marquis etc. some are good, some are just glossy photo spreads, some are packed full of advertising you wonder where the actual magazine is you paid good money for and others do a way better job as a simple blog than the name brand digital versions.

but printing and all those overheards are a pain so one enterprising photographer did his own called Sense which can be found here and is up to issue four.

its purely digital and has lush spreads in an easy to browse format.

now i'm probably not alone in wishing it was a hard printed magazine, even if it were a half page size like the old Atomage magazines.



pyewacket said...

yum yum, glossy galore.
Someone needs to make a collection of JUST doll (like) pictures for a Doll pinup site.Doll porn!-im sure such a site exists allrerady (?)...Dolls realm is a good start, but one page with 1000 pictures would be cool.

blackice said...

My bloody models keep on flaking on me otherwise I'd of sent in some more shots by now.

Shoot TG this weekend as well as another local fetish club called Vinylla. Might be some dolls there?


Anonymous said...

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