Sunday, April 23, 2006

a visual guide for heel heights

i've been looking for this image for awhile now, finally here it is.

it's a handy guide to see how the angle changes depending on different heel heights. whats not said is what size shoe is used as a smaller shoe would have more of an angle than one three sizes up.

for people who don't read french or metric, the measurements from left to right are 2", 3 1/4", 4", 4 3/4", 6 1/4" and 8 inches. so i'm just past the 4th one and have two more on the chart to go... wonder if ballet boots will ever become fashionable?



userjesse said...

Great Reference! And possibly one of the more sexy pics I've seen in a long time *giggle*

Keep wearing yours Asudem!
I'd love to hear about your changes, soon you won't be able to go flat footed anymore, wonderful huh! =)

Asudem Latex said...

i am finding the arches of my feet and the back of my calves are starting to hurt when i'm flat footed first thing in the morning.

according to someone who is no bound into 5" boots, its a good sign that its all progressing naturally... so by this time next year i'll be permently stuck in 5"s.

in the meantime i'm already lusting after 6"s and ballet boots.


Manne said...

Hello Asudem, I love the pic. I guess you just have to step right into those high heels every morning when you swing your legs out of bed now dear. Very mannequin-like you know. Looks like there is no turning back now. Have you got your shiny flesh latex tights yet? Seems like your dollification process is coming along very nicely Asudem. I bet it feels good to you, doesn't it? Just keep letting it all happen naturally. I am personally cheering you on girl.

Kramel said...

i think ballet boots r fashionable

blackice said...

Would you all believe I found a pair of new 5"1/2 inch black patent court shoes (size unkown) at a market last week?

And your going to die on the price - 10£ = 16$....!!!

Now i have to go around like prince charming trying it on potential princesses