Friday, April 14, 2006

Myspace for latex discussions and dollies

i've just discovered myspace. ok, so i'm a bit slow.... and i've not set up a profile yet. personally i'd rather just do this blog - before specific people start asking.

one profile i spotted is model and writer Victoria Blue here who moderates a group which keeps an eye peeled on stylish latex designers here. go check it out.

her profile shot is above. now how hot and barbie like is that!!?



Bradley said...

Very Barbie-like. :) I have a copy of that pic somewhere on my hard disk or one of my Zip Disks somewhere--not that I plan to *do* anything more than gaze upon it mind you--and it is really cute.

Pyewacket, I think that is who it was, mentioned in another comment thread here that he'd like to see a site with nothing but lots and lots of dolly pictures...?

Personally, if that site were to come about, as long as we are dreaming, we could set it up so that it has a database of willing doll and dollmaker profiles, across all services, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, MySpace, whatever, so that the all-too-rare American Doller knows she has options....

And yeah, I kinda want this for selfish reasons too, *lol*, as it would make life so much easier for me in my never-ending search for my real-life Dolly Love, wherever she may be. ;)

pyewacket said...

It would be good to set up a doll myspace page.Its fun to contribute to each other pages with pics and stuff-making it more 'personal'/ often surprized by the people i meet. TRheres also a HUGE doll making comunity of artists.Maybe not the kinky dolls we like but interesting, and 'dollification' needs to make its own appearance!