Wednesday, April 26, 2006

my favourite winterrose images

are posted above. i like the sureal dreaminess of the sandra bullock image and the weirdness of the one with the real doll pinning down the schoolgirl to convert her. something about that 2nd one, a vision of dolls coming and taking me to make me on of them is soo hot... please, please make more like that? x

he explained in a comment:

" The bulk of my fetish photomanipulation work, ASFR, Dolly and Mind Control, resides over on The Hypnopics Collective now, where lots of mind control oriented photoshop artists tend to hang out and do their thing.

They've more recently instituted registration in order to prevent attacks by hostile users and cover our butts there from prosecution, however the site is still free, and the sheer amount of work there is staggering.

My own galleries in the albums there range over the last 8 years of my photoshop works, fetish-wise. There's stuff you used to only be able to see on a now defunct site by the name of There's even a few non-adult images in there too. You might try stopping by.

That said, the link to the collective itself ishere
The link to my galleries there is here

WARNING: THESE IMAGES BY AND LARGE ARE NOT SAFE FOR WORK. That said, some of the relevant pics there you might be interested in here are:

Becoming the Doll here

Conversion Key here

Dolly Induction here

Eddie Maddox' Hypno-Transform Show here

Sandra Bullock as 'Simply Sumptuous' here

The Prepon Ragdolly Sans Button Eyes here

Dollhouse - June 2010 here

WinterTech Persocons 002 here

WinterTech - So Many Dolls here

WinterTech Persocons 001 here"

enjoy and leave compliments for him in comments!!



Manne said...

Yes Asudem, I can see You are getting closer to your dream everyday dear. Posts like this make you feel like you are getting closer and closer to becoming fully converted, doesn't it? Next thing you know a peculiar looking girl with very big glossy eyes will be showing up at your door offering you a free "MAKEOVER"........You would accept that with joy, wouldn't you dear?........he he. I love the idea of that happening for you. If it were possible I would make your dream come true sooner my dear....LOL I love your blog. It gives me many an arousing thrill anticipating the next post.......well done,good job "DOLL GIRL"...........MANNE

pyewacket said...

i dont know what it is with the giant keys...thats more Tin toy...a cord to pull would be more fun.

WinterRose said...

Ya know... I'm STILL really fond of the Bullock one. The one with the 'Anna Mae' style Realdoll from Abyss Productions was from last year. The Bullock one may be something like 5 years old by now.

I seem to be on the verge of breaking something of a blockage of inspiration recently. (just got a job and was able to make my car legal, so there's a lot of stress gone away right there.) So it may be I'll be able to do some more of these in the near future. There's certainly no lack of source material I have saved up in the pipe, or ideas jotted down in various text files. I just have to actually make myself DO some. *^_^*

Anyway, glad to know you enjoyed what you saw. Here's hoping those, and maybe the others found you well. And for the rest of you that may be seeing some of this for the first time, I hope they do something for ya too. ^_^


Edo-The Akibakei said...

It's always a pleasure to view your work! Once you get RL issues squared away why not do some collaberation with Blackice?

Asudem Latex said...

manne - no ones at the door yet i'm afraid. nor in my dreams :-(

still waiting on the latex doll tights. maybe tommorrows post.


WinterRose said...

Well... me an BlackIce once discussed the possibility of a collaboration. I dunno if it was me or him that lost touch with the other. (likely it was me.) But as far as that allows, I wouldn't mind the possibility.

blackice said...

Actually Winterrose I have a shot thats half done that sort of fits involving my mini model and loads of those balloons used to make balloon animals. Think fly stuck in plant and you'll be close.

Drop me an email and I can send over.