Friday, April 14, 2006

balloons for all and for all some fun

balloons are probably the first contact anyone ever had with actual latex. true?

when growing up i had a certian affinity too them and would rub them up agains my body and wonder what it would be like to have skin made of the same thin glossy and slick materail. i think i managed to get one on my foot one day and marvelled how it just so totally changed my skin.

it wasn't until several years ago i got my first molded latex skirt given too me as a sort of joke by a friend - but damn i was hooked and all those memories came flooding back.

anyway, here's a couple of links to sites where you can buy for a pretty reasonable cost imho balloons you can actually climb into and be sealed into if you like. one is here and the other one is here. although i think there's probably a few more out there somewhere.

there's some great balloon fetish stories by rubberbando, but not sure where they are besides on my hard drive. might be a yahoo group as well.

also i think there was some of the bugs bunny cartoons that had balloons or being painted in latex in them too.



Bradley said...

Ah yes...more balloons. :)

What I've always dreamed about has been dressing someone up in a catsuit with *inflatable curves*, you know, blown-up breasts and hips or buttocks, something so that you can give someone a *really* dollish figure without doing a lot in the way of long-term mods...

I know, sounds cheesy, but I've always wanted to see a willing lady dolly struggle against a balloon suit that was designed to give her the Jessica Rabbit absurdist hourglass body. :D

FetishTom said...

Thanks for the links!

I had found some advertiseing balloons that were the right size, but more expensive than Kaboom Balloon Importers in my searches.

Thanks again!

sick puppy said...

"Inflatable curves"... Could it be possible to make the doll feel those curves?