Friday, April 14, 2006

lets get messy...

something i was always told not to do when growing up is was to play in the mud. its not hygenic, its messy... blah, blah, blah..... but there's something primal, some sort of visceral attraction to getting naked an jumping into thick gooey, mud.

once we were on a vacation in an area with a high tide that when it was low would reveal a plain of mud flats. think it was nova scotia in canada where they have a really huge change between tide. the mud was deep brown and thick, like chocolate jello pudding. i so wanted to get into my bathing suit and jump into it. but it was just a stop to use the toilet and get some gas so i wasn't able too. and how do you breach the idea to your parents? the mess would of been incredible in the car.

later that night in the motel there was a peice on the local news about people tabogonning down these mud flats. let me tell you i was so jealous.

another time in college, there was some sort of festival which means no classes but various optional activities. in one large room where i had previously seen the totally psychotic 'up with people' perform a wrestling pit was set up, and they didn't have any mud but was given fine white plaster to use by the art department. again another opportunity was lost as i was asked to work that day.

i did manage to get a couple of handfulls of the dried remains of the plaster and secretly at home when my parents were away got it to soak and becoming soft again. i coated my entire body with it in the bathtub, even deep into my hair and let it dry...

just remembering that now i should really try that again. ;-)

another idea is to use slime that you could get in those small pastic buckets as toys. above is an image by cheyco leiderman who had access too alot of it. make sure you click on it as it opens up to a really large sized scan.

apparently if you have some skills its possible to make it up yourself here. of coure the japanese who are very slick with all their fetishs have dvds of this already here


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