Saturday, April 22, 2006

doll shoot on america's next top supermodel....

thanks dosman for the email as i totally missed it, well i never watch it anyway so that would explain it. anyway this past week episode 8 had all the wannabe's acting and modeling as dolls in a variety of different poses at situations:

"Tyra Mail arrives, reading, "Some say models are brainless, living dolls. Are you?" The girls soon arrive at the next photo shoot for Pantene. They'll be dressed up as different types of dolls and photographed by Pascal Demeester. Joanie will be a ventriloquist's doll, Sara a teen doll, Furonda a rag doll, Jade a mannequin, Brooke a glamour doll, Nnenna a baby doll and Danielle a marionette."

the homepage can be found here. and they have video clips and fourteen shots.

i got all excited and rushed over to the site, but now that i've looked through the photo's a couple of times i think the models aren't very good and the shots lack something too.

but its good that the doll meme is totally out there and its for Pantene which means a serious and wide ranging print campaign. please let me know when its out and if you see it in print.

if it was me doing the styling or art direction i'd kink it up alot more. their skin could of been done up with more makeup for example. put them in wigs for more artificial look. generally just alot more imho.

still its widing it all and middle america will see it and go... hmm... i think i like!



Anonymous said...

i'm confused how is that doll like ? its more like whore like.

WinterRose said...

Man... Nice catch there. Most of the major types seem represented. I still have to wonder if all the different archetypes represented there might bespeak someone into our fetish in a position of broadcast power. It's a nice thought anyway.

Edo-The Akibakei said...

I think Tyrah may be a closet cosplayer. In her show she has often used extreme or prostetic makeup to go undercover.

I would love to see a copy of the show. I wonder if anybody has upped this as a torrent somewhere?

Edo-The Akibakei said...

Show is uploaded on BT Junkie

Kramel said...

I'm confused about that programme. There's a prettier girl working in my local fish and chip shop.

Still I do like this one

blackice said...

I have to agree with Kramel, I had a look at the pictures and the models didn't really stand out at all. Or maybe thats what they want?