Saturday, April 22, 2006

barbie photoshopped...

another find from my collection. no information on it at all.

its pretty cool idea, and if anyone is good with photoshop then you could do it to other photo's with their own barbie.

also please, please, please send stuff in - news, first hand experiences, wishes, dreams, desires as well as any pictures. but meandering, obsessive, self indulgent comments will be deleted.



Edo-The Akibakei said...

WinterRose were are those old Coppellia and Ragdoll morphs you did waaaay back in the HoLD days? They were good and if you can find them and upload them again it would be much appreciated.

WinterRose said...

The bulk of my fetish photomanipulation work, ASFR, Dolly and Mind Control, resides over on The Hypnopics Collective now, where lots of mind control oriented photoshop artists tend to hang out and do their thing.

They've more recently instituted registration in order to prevent attacks by hostile users and cover our butts there from prosecution, however the site is still free, and the sheer amount of work there is staggering.

My own galleries in the albums there range over the last 8 years of my photoshop works, fetish-wise. There's stuff you used to only be able to see on a now defunct site by the name of There's even a few non-adult images in there too. You might try stopping by.

That said, the link to the collective itself is:

The link to my galleries there is:

WARNING: THESE IMAGES BY AND LARGE ARE NOT SAFE FOR WORK. That said, some of the relevant pics there you might be interested in here are:

Becoming the Doll

Conversion Key

Dolly Induction

Eddie Maddox' Hypno-Transform Show

Sandra Bullock as 'Simply Sumptuous'

The Prepon Ragdolly Sans Button Eyes

Dollhouse - June 2010

WinterTech Persocons 002

WinterTech - So Many Dolls

WinterTech Persocons 001

Hope this finds you well. ^_^

Asudem Latex said...

those are great winterose!! can you email them too me and i can post them in the main section of the blog for all to see. pretty please with sugar?


WinterRose said...

I'll see what I can do. Were you unable to save the images?

Asudem Latex said...

i can save them but i want your aok to do so and to put them there. just email me a yes and i can do the rest. thanks!