Thursday, April 13, 2006

my next stage in latex dollificaiton....

its been how long? two months possibly even three now since i put on the latex panties for daily wear. each morning when i put them on i say to myself 'these make me a latex doll' and when i take them off i think to myself 'even though they are removed i am still latex'

it seems to be all a matter of conditioning. doing it over and over untill its totally natural and totally me.

i'm craving more latex to wear all the time, so as per my plan for once a month large fetish purchase i've ordered a pair of tan-baby pink tights-pantyhose. can't wait for them to arrive. should only be a couple of weeks.

so i'm slowly working my way up. 4" first then 5" heels and then my lower half in pink tight and shiny latex. how yummy is that?

i think with a pair of normal tights on top i could even wear them to work.....

my dollification continues at a pace... and i can't wait!!!



Bradley said...

Good for you Asudem! :) I am sure you are headed in the right direction with this. Taking it slow but at the same time seeing to it that your senses *know* you are transformed, bit by bit, into a shiny pink dolly. Yummy.

So have you found yourself thinking or acting more doll-like since getting and wearing your new five-inch heels? If so, what were some of the thoughts...? If it isn't prying too much to ask of course. ;)

Keep up the excellent work!

userjesse said...

I am sure we all also anxiously await your next step and those yummy sounding stockings! =D

Manne said...

Oh, I'm sure when you finally put on those latex will feel much better from the waist down. I'm sure you are looking forward to it with stiff anticipation.....(Sigh!!!) You did say the high heels were making you walk a little "stiff legged"? I'm sure the 5" ones will enhance that too. I bet you can't wait to feel the transformation begin....just relax and let it happen dear.............after that you may not be able to move your bottom half at all .........just like a real will have to pivot at the waist to move......I'm looking forward to your feelings when this happens.........oh so dreamy

Anonymous said...

If you want a quick latex fix, hit the grocery store, buy a couple pairs of playtex dishwashing gloves in increasing sizes, and a box of disposable medical gloves. After a few layers, it'll be a challenge to bend your fingers, but not impossible. When you're done, you can trash the cheap gloves, and switch to a new, unstretched set!
Have fun,and good luck!

Asudem Latex said...

still not here yet, but hoping for the end of the week given that its express airmail type of thing.

so should have them for friday with my fingers crossed - and will wear them all weekend!!!