Sunday, April 09, 2006

new shoes are here!!!

good news; after winning them on ebay and having to chase the seller who after two weeks finally posted them - they're here!!

i must say that i've never worn 5' heels before. i've seen them alot in fetish magazines and online in photo's but thats a totally different thing to having to actually wear them.

i'm so glad i've been wearing the black boots with the 4" heels daily thanks to a firm suggestion and encouragement from a certian lovely diva... as it seems you just can't go out and buy these things and expect to be able to wear them especially it you've mainly been wearing flats for awhile.

thanks to my training or 'conditioning' (depends who you ask).... it wasn't too hard to put them on and wear them for a couple of hours. i did this the night they got here and then spent a good 5 hours in them yesterday. today i plan on putting them on soon and not taking them off till bed time. maybe not even then....

one thing you'll notice is that your walk is totally different in heels that high. legs are stiffer with less bending at the knee. it does put you in a more doll set of mind i am finding.

so they're my magic shoes now to help me into the land of dolls.



Bradley said...

Yay! :) If those are the shoes you got, lovely choice and yes, I have heard that the threshhold for a lot of ladies is that five to six inch heel range, after which you have to walk differently. ;)

Good for you! Now if only someone could link those shoes to a trance state for you. Or something. :D

Have fun and happy dolling!

userjesse said...

Congratulations on getting them hon =)
I hope you wear them ALOT!
let us know if you do make it in them overnight tonight, ok?!
Best luck, best'll be a perfect dolly one day!

Kramel said...

well they certainly look gorgious.

Take your time and don't rush tings. apart from discomfort you'll risk falling over.

pyewacket said...

when do we get a pic of the famous A.Latex in all her glory?

Manne said...

Those are very lovely.Your legs must look incredible in them. I have in fact heard of women that can't wear anything but high heels apparently from repeatedly wearing them for long periods of time(you all probably know this already),permanently changing the shape of their feet into a high arch(like a mannequin) almost as if they were standing on their toes. you are trying to achieve this Barbie doll look, am I right? Well, you keep on doing what you are doing. It is probably too late to turn back anyway. the transformation has already begun on you. You feel it more everyday,don't you? I'm sure you enjoy the feeling those shoes give your legs. Do you wear shiny pantyhose or stockings to achieve that stiff,plastic look?

Asudem Latex said...

Manne - i just love the idea of wearing them abnd having them transform me feet and legs so i can only wear them.... so much like a sexy doll curse of some sort.

i don't wear that type of pantyhose as i'd rather be latex so i'm saving up for some baby flesh pink latex tights.....


Onij said...

We would love to see some pics ;)