Friday, April 14, 2006

where can if find....

5" heeled leather boots??

picture i think is from way back on ebay.

but can anyone point to a site or somewhere?

ok, so i'm still like a newborn foal on my new 5"'s but i say plan for the future!!



pyewacket said...

Srry, i dont know abourt YOUR shoes -but
where can I find-
Dolly shoes big enough for, dear i say it,large Male feet...??
Im considering some pink ballet shoes (a personl fetish!) but feel weird going into a shop and asking about them.I need to over come this small, but important issue.. HelP! , my Cinderella is shoeless!- anyone know where i can email to get shoes made?

Onij said...

This site might have the leather boots

I will keep lookin for ya, i know its in one of my links, just to to sorta them out.

Anonymous said...

If this is from UK Ebay, looking at the hint of Tan Lasts I'd say

If the lasts are black I'd say Little Shoe Box London.

Leatherworks make them with 7" heels also, I have several pairs and recommend them.

Asudem Latex said...

the leatherworks site look interesting, but i'm trying to find ones that can pass at work without being too fetishy.


Asudem Latex said...

oh and i wanna add that i don't want to go the platform route - i do want the high heeled arch of being really and truely on 5"s....