Friday, April 14, 2006

google me this

for some reason i decided to google my blog and i found and besides finding it at the top of the list, there were also recommendations and even a review 'The Week In Porn' would you believe?

they said:

Doll’s Realm
Filed in Fleshbot Wednesday January 11, 2006

Just ogling the images found on masking and rubber dolly sites is enough to give some of us a thrill—or the willies, or sometimes even that nice combination of both. But for the purist, the Doll’s Realm blog provides even more for the masking enthusiast, complete with links to music to dollify by, images of humanoid mannequins for inspiration, and a little Rubbersisters stalkerati action for good measure. It’s not for those who want to fuck Barbie; after all, there’s a million porn sites for that. It’s about being Barbie, hopefully while getting fucked. V. Blue


and that was before i figured out how to install a counter. i'm in two minds about it. on one hand its good exposure and people get to see it, on the other hand i don't want to get it pulled down for some violation of links or bandwidth issues. hmm...



Bradley said...

You know, now might be a good time to ring up WinterRose or somebody (I'd do it if I had *any* technical skills whatsoever with computers) and look into setting up a mirror-site off of blogspot, just in case the worst-case scenario happens...not that I'd worry, so far nobody seems to have objected to the content, but yeah, if site visits get into six digits and rising there might be a bandwidth concern.

Just my two cents, and sorry I can't be more helpful. But I do believe WinterRose has a *bit* more experience in setting up mirror sites than I do surely.

Onij said...

A year a mirror site be come in handy, but since this is a blog and you give credit to the creators, and publishers of the pics you post i dont think your violatiing anything. Keep uo the stellar work.