Saturday, April 15, 2006

heels are like so in at the moment....

...according to an article in the New York Times which can be found right here and joining is painless btw.

specifically high heels with thick platforms are apparently the way to go. shoes that one could imagine on a pole dancer in a strip club have been given a paris couture designer make over and those super high price tags to go with them.

quote: "Christian Louboutin platforms called Miss Marple. "When I got there, five women were buzzing around the same pair," said Ms. Oser, who bought the shoes, for $710. Later she saw the same style on eBay for $1,500."

the image above is frome ebay and was about 1,000US$ when i grabbed the image. now personally a grand would get me a serious collection of latex from europe and a pair of platforms from some online shoe shop...



Bradley said...

:) Yes! Ok, so the pricetags are outrageous now, but if this stuff filters down, trickling down to ordinary women on a budget. :D

Yes, we will *see* at least some young women this summer walking like cute dollies. *lol* Which will make the occasional rare doller easier to spot I'd take it.

Oh, and Asudem, that subject line was like, *sooo* natural, like totally I'm sure. ;) So I take it the five-inch heels have been having a cool effect on you mentally as well as on how you walk and move?

Asudem Latex said...

i am getting very used to the new 5"s, i think after a month or so i'll be able to wear them all the time i want too.

they totally change how you move, much more dolly like.... i guess it just gets me in the right frame of dolly mind :-)


Edo-The Akibakei said...

Recently overheard monologue...

Like, oh my god!
Like - totally
Encino is like so bitchen
There’s like the galleria
And like all these like really great shoe stores
I love going into like clothing stores and stuff
I like buy the neatest mini-skirts and stuff
It’s like so bitchen cuz like everybody’s like
Super-super nice...
It’s like so bitchen...

Brad, either you have been listening to too much Zappa or the Ganjaman has fried your few remaining brain cells.

blackice said...

I passed by an expensive shoe shop today and saw some like the photo. Also there were a few in the colour magazine that comes with the newspapers last weekend. I can send scans if you like

Some other good news is I tracked down the scooped heel Melissa shoes direct from Brazil - they're something like 20£ compared to 120US$. Putting an order in for a couple pairs - one for a friend who is now obsessed by them and also for my teeny doll like model who has size 3 UK feet.

I'll let you know when they arrive and pass on ordering details etc.