Sunday, April 23, 2006

EGL pop video from japan - cute!!!

i found this link somewhere - been a few days now so can't even remember - but its very simply made and yet it hits alot of spots for dollers. that and she's just soo cute. you can easily imagine boxing her up and taking her home with you to play with.

Nana Kitade apparently did some of the music for full metal alchemist - a rather good anime series. from the photo she dresses in cute EGL style and love those heels! a photoblog image archive is here here and if you want to interact with other fans then try the forum here.

so its even more dolls from japan.... enjoy



Edo-The Akibakei said...

Kitade Nana... Full Metal Alchemist

I didn't know you were a fan of her music.

userjesse said...

Ya, love this video myself!

The bits that she holds still and stares, or the rotations makes her SOO dolly looking! Fantastic!

Kramel said...


Bobo said...

Yeah. She's famous for Kesenai Tsumi (inerasable sin) from FMA. Now the KT video is a -serious- doll trip.

I wish they'd gone with the acoustic version of Kesenai Tsumi though. I always liked that one better.