Tuesday, May 16, 2006

click me large..

in case you didn't know, all the images in dollsrealm are larger that what is displayed next to the text. sometimes much much larger.

the image here is from a magazine called 'zink' and it was relayed via blackice from an egl he's shot at tg who thought the makeup was very doll like. he's shooting at tg's birthday party this sat the 20th so say hello to him and pose - esp if your a latex doll!!!



Manne said...

As I said in a previous post, I think someone should market a new toy to be sold in adult stores. It would be a "Mannequin Stand".
It would be a disc(preferrably glass or plexi) with a rod mounted on it almost waist high. It could then be fitted with a girls favorite dildo.
That would be fabulous for that next photo shoot. It would certainly keep the girls stabilized "in their pose", and very dolllike. don't you think Asudem? I'm surprised that no one from this community has come up with that idea yet.............I think it would be fabulous...don't you? yours MANNE

Oneeyedjack said...

I'd buy it! It'd be extra cool to have it as the base for a plexiglass tube/case for said dolly. One of these days I'm going to make a case for my doll...

Bradley said...

Hmm...so I think I can say this. I am in *love* with the Zink cover, *lol*. :D

(but then again, I am such a sucker for ladies with shiny mannequin faces and pretty shiny stiff hair, *lol*) But hey, with the Mannequin Stand Manne mentioned, at least the covergirl would be appropriately posed. :)