Saturday, May 27, 2006

clown transformations...

one of the cross over fetishes that over lap with dolls is clowns.

now i'll know what you'll say as i thought exactly the same thing for the longest time untill i stumbled upon some manips and stories; they're all scarey and krusty like.

but what if they were sexy, dark, kinky, mysterious and made of and always wearing latex???

such are the clowns and the transformations into them written about by rubberbando here for his own page and also the the klown and jester yahoo group here. my favourite story on his page is The Ultimately Unpoppable Balloon.

the group is a bit slow but this reported sighting i spotted a just a bit too late:

"Mime Your Own Business"
Totally Spies (5:30pm EST on Cartoon Network) where a man with an accordian is turning people into Mimes, taking their voices and their faces get the white mime look...sam and alex get transformed...also they use a holographic costume changer and change into clown and jester outfits.

more image can be found on the klown_n_jester group.



Anonymous said...

i saw that episode it was kind of neat but the transformation made it so they couldn't talk. i'm for any transformation that turns a persons skin stark white

i guess there is a fine line between clowns and mimes. mimes dont know when to speak up and clowns dont know when to shut up

pyewacket said...

i came accross a good clown/messy web site a couple months back-with good photos of girl clowns doing all the right things with food dyed cakes and the like...ill keep my eye open for it again... {now lost in in the great internet void}...worth a google maybe.
I actually played a kinky clown in a show in Bolivia in 2004(in front of 800 people and the then Bolivian President!) wearing nothing but a rubber mask,dog collar, and strippy socks. he was creepy! {Maybe ill send u some pics AL for interest sake.}-Still, clowns, for me,remain more creepy than sexy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out. Its aways nice to get some extra traffic on my site as it encourages me to start working on some updates. :-)


John Wayne Gacey said...

Sorry, but the only good clown is a dead one. I should know.

Asudem Latex said...

well check out the yahoo group there's some great ones from a claudia too.


Jennydwdf said...

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