Saturday, May 20, 2006

my training for today...

i will be in my 4" boots for a few hours and then i'll switch to my new 5"s and leave them on till just before dinner time. i then will try to wear the new 5 1/2" oxfords for a couple of hours and see how i am with them.

i have some sort of party / club thing i'm going too so hope to be able to wear them to that. it will be a good test if my feet have adjusted enough.

i plan to write in permenant marker on the sole of my left foot (as i have done once before) 'LATEX DOLLY'. maybe it will help. it might do something too me: self hypnosis or maybe magic is invoked??


1 comment:

Manne said...

Ah Yes Asudem, I love those. They are your doll/mannequin shoes. They are for your transformation. You keep on going. Be a good girl Don't stop. Just keep thinking,

***(I am getting closer to becoming the doll of my dreams every day)***
Lovies MANNE