Monday, May 29, 2006

is it the t-shirt or the latex???

more fashion designers dabbling with latex wears for shock and awe for the vogue-ites. GORI DE PALMA, autumn-winter 2006/07

question is - is he selling the lovely suit used as a base (imagine it in tan pink-yummy) or just the gothic wannabe t-shirt?

just go to libidex for the catsuit i say ;-)

but if you want the label then you'll need to wait till his homepage is done:



Anonymous said...

i'll say he is trying the tshirt, but it's so amazingly attractive (and one of my dreams in a woman) when a woman wears a full catsuit and on top of that normal clothing. it makes the latex become (at least in my mind) a real second skin, a part of oneself.
don't you agree?
anyway, great finding and let's hope designers keep the latex coming, eventualy it'll be ok to wear latex in public and we could wear it all day :D

James W.

blackice said...

Could be either. It could be that the designer subcontracted from someone like Libidex. I know House of Harlot at least does Theiry Muglers latex and some others so it wouldn't surprise me.

As to wearing latex, I have a bomber jacket from same co which is also made by Armoury (my previous ones) which i wear out regularly. Raw rubber jeans are really worth getting as you can wear them without anyone noticing or questioning the material.

There's a whole long thread on about this - go check it out,


Nikki said...

I was finally in a position to order some things for my doll project and I can't wait to see how it turns out! *bounce*

Asudem Latex said...

oh nikki!! what will those be?


nikki said...

Well, I snagged a mask & skin-tone zentai off eBay :)
I've had my fears regarding being enclosed & wondering if I'd panic or not so I'm doing the cheaper option first to see how I adapt & cope.
The mask arrived yesterday, it's a latex one and looks quite nice. I've worn it & felt comfortable in it after a while.
I'm still waiting for the Zentai to arrive.

Eventually I want a dollsuit off either WatchOut Masks or Libidex, but right now, this is a way to get an idea how it feels and if I feel comfortable with it as I love the idea of being a doll.

SteveMND said...

Hmm, Watch Out Masks is indeed an interesting home-run sort of site. Might be worth Asudem checking into for possible inclusion on her links; the owner makes (among other things) dollsuits out of stretch vinyl. The one on her products gallery page is purple, but she has one on the 'sale' page which is made out of flesh-tone vinyl. Nifty.

Funny how you find so many sites you never knew existed from other folks on blogs like this. :)

Asudem Latex said...

thanks SteveMND for the link. i checked it out and truthfully i like th corsets the best. i've always been pretty down on pvc as the quality is so varied from utter shit of plastic bags quality to the rare pvcs from italy used in haute couture coats etc.


Anonymous said...

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gori de palma said...

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