Thursday, May 04, 2006

heel training continues along very nicely....

its now almost three months since i've started wearing my 4" heeled boots to work and at home thanks to a certain someones suggestion, firm command and encourgagement. i'm really starting to notice a soreness in my arch when i walk flat footed in the morning. in the bath i saw my feet naturally took on an arched appearance. i sleep purposely like that too so the effect continues from daytime wear.

i walked up my short stairs between my main rooms and my bathroom and i'm automatically on tip toes. i hadn't really noticed i was doing it either but its becoming truely ingrained now.

the physical transformation is well along it seems. not sure how many more months before my tendons start to shrink and i'll join the others mannequin like women trapped in 4" heels and higher.

i usually put on my new 5" heels when i get home from work, but i still want a pair of really good leather boots which i can wear out too. meanwhile i've ordered a couple of more shoes of ebay; a 5" 1/2 oxford court shoe and a plain 6" heel court shoe. i know my support and encourager said to wait, but i love the look of them so much and i can always just leave them on display on a shelf to pull me further along into them.

the 5"s i'm pretty comforatable in but they do really make me walk different, definately a stiffness to my legs when wearing them compare to my plain 4" boots.

so i wait and i train and i practice and the new shoes will sit on my shelf seducing me forward.... or maybe i'll start practicing with those too ;-)



Manne said...

Ah yes Asudem, Just let it happen, the stiffening has begun, thats a good girl, surrender to it......stay in those 5" heels, they will accelerate the change. This is something you have always wanted Asudem, am I right? soon the stiffness will move are truly joining the mannequin a good girl now...just flow with it, your feet are changing day by day. you will soon notice your toes closer together, almost as if they are fused. Become, yes become, welcome the pleasant stiffness. Your getting closer to your goal. You're getting very dollike as you continue your high heel training....just relax into it...thats right...let it happen naturally.......good girl

I'm in your cheering section...yay Asudem

............yours MANNE

Asudem Latex said...

something i did on the weekend to get into the spirit of it all, was to take a black felt marker and write 'latex dolly' on the sole of my left foot.

after all, dolls should be correctly stamped and labled, shouldn't they?? i then put on my new 5"s and wore them for the entire weekend.

thanks for cheering me on, i find your prose somewhat....... ;-) have you ever written fiction or better still a hypnotic script? i'd post it if you have.


Kramel said...

I've got a pair fo 4.5" heels. It's not the tendons etc I find a problem, but the weigh that presses onto the balls of my feet.

Saying that I've only recently realised I si at work with my heels on the legs of the chair and the balls of my feet on the ground. In a high heel style.

Manne said...

Thank you Asudem. You are very sweet. I'm glad you like my comments. No, I haven't written any stories, just roleplay. I am not a hypnotist so I better not fool with induction scripts. I am flattered that you think I should write them. All it is, is I am just getting into your continuing transformation into a doll. I am sending my energy(and dialog) to you to help with the change. I guess you like. am I right? Is it helping you? I hope so.

You just relax into it Asudem..let it happen. yours MANNE

Asudem Latex said...

i think roll play is very close too fiction writing and also hypnosis if the subject is willing...

all motivational comments are positive. keep 'em coming ;-)


Asudem Latex said...

after some more encouragement from you know who i did manage my first complete night in 5"s. it wasn't the best sleep, sort of semi awake now and then - but i've now gotten over that hump. think i'll have another go tonight....


Anonymous said...

well my lovely asu your life will never be the same now withyour goal soon to be fulfilled
love Mystx