Sunday, May 14, 2006

poll: what do you like about becoming a doll?

here's a new poll as i've been soul searching for the last few days about my motivations journey to latex encasement 24/7 - even if thats not actually possible its a direction i'm aiming for.

so enter and make multiple choices in a 'what if' possibilities. after wall we have to start somewhere and a desire is just a path too follow.


what aspects of being a doll would you like
being played with
having someone control me totally
unable too move without a command or a key
changing my body shape
changing my skin to plastic, rubber or fabric
loosing my identity to the doll i am too be
having a happy smiley mind and disposition all the time
being constantly aroused and coming while totally frozen
the act of transformation into the doll - slow or fast
connecting with the essense of the barbie in her wonderful world
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Bradley said...

Lovely, lovely poll. :) Even as someone who only occasionally entertains becoming the doll for that certain special *beloved*, I found myself checking all but two of the answers. You really plugged into the desires and dreams there Asudem. Thank you! :) Keep up the excellent work.

Kramel said...

that's an excellent set of questions

Asudem Latex said...

i'll admit it - i pretty well hit them all.... ;-)

there is a definate strong pull for me now. what was once an exploration, fancination or whatever, when i start to think about it all or write i do so get drawn in like a fly to a web.