Tuesday, May 23, 2006

more on heel training...

i think i've moved up now from the boots with 4"s as i'm now very comfortable and confident in my 5" heeled strapy pleaser shoes. i do admit i miss the way the boot material embraces my ankles in calfs. i do need to get a pair of more fashionable boots with same 5"s heel. maybe a wedge. if i can find them - all the main brand ones seem to stop at a sensible 4"s... guess i'm not sensible now am i? :P

at night for the last three days or so i've been wearing the 5 1/2" oxford shoes till bed. and damn they are soo sexy. still a bit tight and uncomfortable but it takes longer to break these cheap chinese made shoes in i've found so far. i'll just keep at it. when i wear them its like i'm back heel training in the 5"s they change the way i walk and move so much.

i looked at my credit card online and was able to justify next months purchase to myself - the eternity collar... its ordered now and kinda mixed between excited, totally aroused and scared at the same time. i'll report when i get it and what its like.



Manne said...

Hello Asudem, That's a good girl. You are getting more mannequinlike by sleeping in them. Did you get your baby pink latex tights yet? Do the heels in combination with the latex tights in bed and it will form your legs like a mannequins. Maybe because of the perspiration? it causes shaplier legs because of the fat loss in them? LOL (I don't know) Perhaps, this along with excercise will change your legs and make them dolllike. It spounds like it could work. What do you think? much love.....MANNE

Asudem Latex said...

my tights have arrived and i tried them on last night. they are so lovely even if they made from a thicker latex than my catsuit. looking down at my legs
and feet its soo like i'm the doll its not even a
question of wether i am or not - i just am.

a real must for anyone who likes these ideas and is willing to live them.

i did see a matching body with short sleeves on ebay from a european seller too.... ;-)

oh and my eternity collar arrived this morning. its _alot_ thicker and heavier than i expected. you'd would really know your wearing it.. the screws are soo teeny too. a dab of superglue and thats it -
you'd be trapped. i may just start wearing it around to clubs and out and see how it goes down.

to seal it on, well i think i'll wait till later...