Monday, May 08, 2006

its been at least 48hrs now....

that i've been wearing my new 5"s heels pretty well conniously. i've even managed two nights in them which has started to break my sleeping problems with them. first night was hard, i didn't get very restfull sleep at all and i do need my sleep. sunday night was better but still not ideal.

i take them off in the morning to have a bath, then wear them around like mules till i get ready for work at which point i swap into the boots. commuting in 5"s isn't sensible or practical to say the least. i then swapped back once i get into the office.

so pretty well over 48hrs total now in them.

no ones really commented here. might be because i'm wearing long trousers so my toes just poke out and you can't see the full extent or shape of the shoe.

i'll see how tonight goes... anyone else heel training? if so please post your stories and experiences.



SteveMND said...

"no ones really commented here. might be because i'm wearing long trousers so my toes just poke out and you can't see the full extent or shape of the shoe"

They may not have commented, but I suspect if there are any guys at your workplace, they at least have noticed. We tend to home in on stuff like that, although most of us try to at least keep our curious stares politely hidden. :-)

Good luck, and who knows? If you're looking, maybe somebody will notice the shoes and start up a convesation about them...? :-)

Anonymous said...

do you have those locking straps that hold on your heels that way you could throw the key out the window and get it in the morning

WinterRose said...

I really haven't worn heels ever, seeing as I do like my comfy loafers. IN a doll situation though, and in dollish self hypnotic situations, I can remember feeling my feet pointing downward, as if in high heels or ballet heels. Just part of the plastic mindset and all.

But this morning, oddly enough, through the most innocent of means, I found myself momentarily frozen and grinning emptily. My showerhead is aimed and unadjustable in a way that when I turn it on, I have to take a quick step back to keep from getting an icy blast of water.

Well, you know how most tubs arch up at the other end from the faucet. So when I took that quick step back to avoid the cold water, the sharp slope of the tub was supporting my feet whilst I stood on ramrod straight legs and tiptoe. And for about 20 seconds or so, I stood, hands at my sides, staring at nothing, a grinning happy doll en pointe, sans heels.

I had to go to work, so I couldn't indulge the feeling for long. Still, it made me think of this blog. M'glad to hear everything's going well.

Asudem Latex said...

i don't have locking straps at the moment. thinking of something like that though. i could replace them with little cut chains and locks...

winterrose - i'd love to see your hypno script!!


Manne said...

Wearing those 5" high heels to work under some long trousers? I'm sure the guys there have noticed how stiff legged you are walking.(yes we do hone in on things like that) And your posture has undoubtedly changed, making your breasts and tushy stand out more. You are probably starting to feel the pleasant stiffness coming on. You are doing exactly what you are supposed to Asudem. Don't fight it. Just continue to give in to the impulses. Let it happen. You are getting closer. Let yourself join the others. The legions of mannequin women all over the world who have transformed themselves through this special training. You're doing very good. Thats a good girl. Cheering for you always............MANNE

Asudem Latex said...

well the stiffness is going now, i guess i'm adapting and becoming used too them a few times now i forgot i had them - like i didn't need to be aware of wearing them. but i did sadly break my cycle. after the third time waking in the wee hours of the morning i had to take them off. i am in them all day today and will attempt again to wear when sleeping. and keep trying and keep trying.... afterall practive makes perfect ;-)


userjesse said...

Always wishing you more and more luck Asudem!!!
Your dolly feet/legs will be so perfect soon! keep going! ^.^

Asudem Latex said...

i gave up sleeping in them for now. it was disturbing my sleep far to much. but i do put them on first thing when i get out of bed, the wear the boots to work and put them back on.

i am really noticing an arch in the soles of my feet now when in the bath, its getting pretty pronounced. had to take a break and wear flats a couple of times for work but pretty well in them from dawn to bedtime.


Asudem Latex said...

i did brave going into the city proper to buy something in them without changing down into the boots. i made there and back without tripping or falling over which is good. what i did was take some black duct tape and wrap it around the teeny loop that holds me in them. wrapped it around a few times. seems to give better support so its easier to walk in.

as too what i bought - i'll post that later...