Sunday, May 07, 2006

transformation dreams...

last night i managed to sleep the entire night in my 5"s. it was a bit of a breakthrough even though i would rate it a 6/10 on the good sleep scale. lots of semi awakeness and dreams. glad i had an espresso first thing or i'd not really be functional today.

one odd dream i had, i think or something was having both a life sized traditional barbie and my scene nolee come up to me and do something and i ended up sort of a combo of the two? a bit of both physically but with wavey long honey coloured hair. was all visual and didn't feel anything.

unlike the dream i had a couple of weeks back where i was sitting on a very amazonian sized tranditional barbie. she was alive but plastic, she held my naked body close and i could feel her warm plastic skin that was alive but artificial. she kissed me on the lips and then started to deeply french kiss me, then oh so expertly finger me. i was melting there in her grip on her lap. it was sooo good i still think back too it.

so just looking through my hd again i found a couple more images that sort of deal with processes, entrapment and transformation. the b/w is from the old demask catalog and the other - well who knows.



pyewacket said...

On the matter of processes.
Thanks for the inspiring words.
I found a costume,gloves and recieved my Kigurumi mask all in the same day today. It feels like a thousand and one Christmases!Long sleave rubber gloves! dizzy..!
Never would have been here without the poetry of dolls realm. ^_^

Asudem Latex said...

thanks so much pyewacket! xx
i'm still waiting as ever on the new shoes. i've also had a designer in the uk make up as a favour to a contributor a pair of neon pink semi transparent pair of panties.


Manne said...

Oh my! That Amazon Barbie mannequin and her plastic fingers really are doing the trick. The transformation is intensifying, Asudem. Do you feel it? yours MANNE

Asudem Latex said...

i think i feel something. i am definately getting better at walking in them, found myself striking poses a couple of times yesterday.

i was eyeing my two closests and thinking that if they had a sheet of plastic over them they'd make good display boxes. but they're too filled with stuff. another idea came too me, that the storage space under half my bed where i keep all my kinky clothes, shoes and boots would make another place to store -- me!!!


Manne said...

That ramrod straight legged walk is becoming easier, isn't it girl? You will find that you're striking poses more often now. And they are becoming longer and more motionless as the days go by. You better find yourself a good display before you stiffen into that final stage of dolly-mannefication. It seems to be coming on pretty quickly now....doesn't it my dear?.......Oh my !!!!

...... come now......give in to it. It's feeling very good now, isn't it Asudem ? ...........yours, MANNE

Bradley said...

A brief comment if I may...

You aren't the only one having transformative dolly dreams lately. I've been dreaming a lot of turning ladies into dolls, and at least three of my lady dolls have had dreams of becoming the doll themselves in the past month.

Including, by the way, a long-time friend who hasn't been *using* any hypnotic material for over a year and a half. Like she said, "something is in the air."

Maybe that Dolly Group-Mind you referred to in a previous post (about doll goddesses)?

Asudem Latex said...

i really don't know about all that. i do know that i wish so much to go back to those dreams. maybe there is something in the air?

if there is - please please come back too me...... i will make such a lovely doll...