Saturday, May 06, 2006

mannequin make-overs..

some people may like the skinny ass and no tit look attractive on mannequins. me - the only real thing i like about mannequins besides the fact they're on display is to have their amazing long legs but i'd prefer narrow waist, bigger tits and bum for a sexy hourglass shape.

so if you have a mannequin and want it made over then check out this website company here. thanks tsg for that.

seems you can send your mannequin in for breast and but enlargements. cool eh?

now can you send yourself in for a mannequin makeover? i wonder.. maybe i should email them.... i'll call it an 'art' project so i don't look too kinky...

oh and a story i love which isn't terribly well written (think it was written byt somone with english as a 2nd language) but is very slow, seductive and descriptive about a girl who takes on a permenant position as a window dresser... The Inventory part 1

his homepage with links to other stories he's done and likes is here



Anonymous said...

i've always wanted to have tsg made over like that!!

TSG said...

i've always wanted to have tsg made over like that!!

Well, whoever it is, make yourself known to me!

Anonymous said...

I do not know about the others but, I would love to have that done to me. To be made into a permanent or even a temporary large breast, big butt female mannequin. That would be the life for me.