Saturday, May 20, 2006

doll con is coming...

there's so much interest in becoming a doll wether your a woman or a guy/tg person it appears there's an official organised convetion coming here in Kansas City, Missouri. an explanation of the doll transformation is here

email contact for the organiser is: and there's a chat set up on friday nights at 7PM Central Time. i might well just drop in.

i first heard about this from a post on a doll fetish related yahoo group by Princess Rebecka, who after several emails and some offline im's still not replied too me even though she was online :-( she has a yahoo group here.

someone let me know if your a member or have heard from the mysterious Princess Rebecka.



BeautySin said...

Princess Rebecka participates in the chats at Dollcon, but rarely replies to either instant messages or to email. you can leave a message on her Yahoo group, if you are a member, and she may reply to it.

Oneeyedjack said...

That sounds great. Too bad it's in Kansas City (!?) Why on earth would this convention be in Kansas City of all places? Are there a lot of living dolls in K.C.? Ugh... I hear K.C. is one of the 9 circles of Hell.

Princess Rebecka said...

Oneeyedjack is absolutely correct! DollCon has bombed. I let myself be influanced by bad advice & I failed. As the Princess of the Rubber Dolls, I can only say that I am sorry & will not make the same mistakes again.

There will be a Gathering of Rubber Dolls! And this time it is going to be done right!

Visit my Yahoo Group of email me:

I will make every effort top respond to all those who are sincere.

Sweet Dreams...
Princess Rebecka