Saturday, July 29, 2006

an american family in japan..

.. which just happen to be all mannequins are the Fuccons!!!

and they have they're own tv series which is now available on DVD. have a look at the preview here

looks pretty funny, and seems to be be enough of a hit out there to even have their own themed restraunts which can't be too hard really as you can just buy more mannequins to play the rolls.

question is; is it the mannquins aspect they love or the humour?


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Usagi said...

This show played in 2-3 minute skits on the Japanese TV program Vermillion Pleasure Night. It was meant to satirize Americans and their “culture”, and mannequins were likely used because it was a lot cheaper than hiring three Caucasian actors. Though the DVDs are available on Amazon, most of the buyer’s reactions seem to be “Stay away!”, though one person says, “I'd recommend this to anyone with a quirky sense of humor who doesn't get creeped out by mannequins.”