Sunday, July 16, 2006

in the pink...

i just had an email from the ebay far east latex catsuit maker and it seems it was couriered out yesterday.

so i should have it this week assuming no problems with customs etc. and the panties i'm pretty sure are here now as i had a card saying a had a packet that was too large for the letter box.

so this will be and exciting latex filled week!!!!

maybe i need a pink wig to go with it all?



WileCoyote said...

Pink, Blue or Purple. Some obvious synthetic hair can go a long way.

Ever considered coloured contacts?

Asudem Latex said...

hmm.... you know i just had a series of emails about the contacts from a nice guy in brazil who does doll play with his wife. its interesting but i've not ever worn glasses or contacts before.

i'm planning on looking into them and a few wigs.


FellipeC said...

The Pink Wig is a WONDEFUL idea!!!!

FellipeC said...

By the way, Yes, you will like the contacts!

Bradley said...

Speaking of wigs and contact lenses...for the longest time I have been looking online for a) wigs that essentially are a molded plastic piece, that make your hair look like that one-piece hair that is featured on dolls and action figures, and b) doll's-eye styled contact lenses.

I've found the "hair pieces" so far, but not the contacts.

What I am looking for in a doll's eye styled contact lens is what in theatrical terms is called a schleroid *lens*. *Not a cover*, covers are opaque and you can't *see* through them, but a lens you *can* see through. Essentially this is an over-sized contact lens that covers pupil, iris, and a bit of the corneas (whites) of the eyes around the iris (colored bit around the pupil).

Why? Because my ideal doll's eye lens would have a slightly over-sized, round and bright faux iris covering the real thing, just to make the eye look more like a bright, shiny and fake doll's eye. The idea would be to have say, an iris (colored bit) some 30% or so bigger than the natural one of the wearer, brightly and deeply colored enough to hide the natural one, and in that colored area a pupil (dark bit) slightly bigger and rounder than the real thing too....

Idea being that even if you can't give yourself *anime* or doll-proportioned eyes, you can at least apply those proportions to the eyes in your own head already.

Eh, they are likely out there and expensive and a pain to see through, but I am just having a time of finding them online.

fellipec said...

Bradley, I really like your idea.
They already made something like you describe, look there:

Also, some companies, for a good amount of money, makes virtually all styles of contacts to you. Try follow this link:

Anyway, you have a really good idea!

Asudem Latex said...

oh brad where are the molded hair peices? i'd love to know.


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