Thursday, July 20, 2006

a collection of heads...

lean very considerate to send me a large selection of images of her collection of doc vanderlay masks so i'm posting afew here which i selected and have cleaned up. the eye holes were very visible and a bit odd so i filled them in with black.

she says:

"in terms of fitting the barbie one is rather loose and over time the latex has worn and become rather saggy but the effect is still good for a ditzy blonde or a doll slave :P

Bettie page mask is tha same loose fitting the only real tight one is the Not britney because its full head and has laces right down to shoulders, depending on the lenght of the can be double tightened :P for that extra enclosure feel :D

i have had these masks for about 5 year now, so im experianced with them if you ned any more info on them let me know *huggsies*

Lean "Doll" xxx"

so if you have any q's then just leave them in the comments and she should reply



E said...

Like the Sailor Mercury mask.
I do hope you have the fuku that goes along with it.

That, or a 'copy' of the mask without the tiara on it.

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