Saturday, July 08, 2006

my new panties!!!

i've just been sent a photo of the new latex panties made especially for me by new latex designer ynoty who is also the moderator on and lists on ebay. more information in my previous entry when i discovered the deal had been done to get them made for me here.

they're made from extremely thin semi trans neon pink and much thicker black trim and waistband. there was mention too of getting me another pair made with will be more elaborate. i hear ynoty is learning how to make ruffles... how sexy will that be...

i'll post more once they arrive. i've been told they're being mailed with the tiawanese book on monday from the uk.

thanks again ynoty!!!!



blackice said...

I posted the book and the panties airmail to NYC this morning. Should be a week or so to get there. Then of course you need to pick it up from your friend.

Post when you've received it all and how it fits etc.


pyewacket said...


{last night i saw a doco on this artist Gunther von Hagen who is mad, and i mean seriously mad, about the plastification of dead people- after your human flesh passes away A.Latex you CAN be plastic him)

Asudem Latex said...

i think they arrived when i was out as there was a card that said there's a pack for me. i'll need to go to the post office on monday to pick it up.