Sunday, July 02, 2006

teasing out the dolls....

its one of those q's i always get asked by emails, well except for my name, address, phone number and a picture....:P is where are the potential dolls are?

my big idea on the subject is that its all like trying a new food you've never had before: most people will stick to mcdonalds or some big chain and not really seek out anything new. or even have a palette for it if they found it.

and once you've found it and you try it you may like it alot. love it even. or totally hate like i hate parsnips.

so thats an idea.

then you need to figure out how to get the more adventurous people to try it and have an attraction to come back too it.

so one guy whose very friendly and regular with emails was specifically making these comments about this and lack of any latex scene in vancouver. my suggestion is start one!!

or maybe smaller by buying in a crate of long black latex gloves from Denbar rubber (or some such) and see if you can sell them to local clothing shops or goth boutiques.

maybe even set up a basic online shop and flyer it to death anywhere and everywhere.

then people will start coming to you.

now if your some dotcom multi-millionaire into all of this and have a budget, then sponoring a certian blogger with latex would be good.... ;-) or english translation of the tiawanese book and get it into borders etc.

but more seriously, get a load of zentai suits and find the local theatre types etc to do something doll-ish with them. or ideas along those lines. maybe a fetish ritual designed as competition? instead of touch the car, then wear the zentai suit... halloweens far enough away to start planning some event thats doll based.... get your thinking hats on people!!!

'cos i don't have all the answers and i'm not going to do all the work for you....



ClosetMonster said...

It's high Summer. Get a few friends together and have a zentai carwash.

TSG said...

Regarding this . . . considering your pool to work with is so small I don't think there's much anyone
can do to push the issue and pull people out of the woodworks. I doubt there are any signifigant
numbers for people who are into this sort of thing, and the numbers seem to indicate that the fetish is dominated by men.

And to be honest, latex and zentai suits won't really trigger the reaction being sought. (I know it wouldn't in me.) The truth is this is a very narrow-band interest, and it will be for a very long time. Because of that--and because it would be seen as way outside the mainstream--I don't believe there is a lot anyone can do to make this thing bigger.

But again, this is just me.

blackice said...

From my past experience it needs to be shown to people and some will get into it. I had a leopard Zentai suit for a friend and it was used at TG for a performance, it attacted alot of attention.

Subsequenty it was used by Voodoo Vaudville for an ongoing performance and the actress liked it so much I had to order her another one. Then 'J' saw it, tried it on and went mad for it so I added one for her too the order.

As for expanding it to mainstream, crap magazine like Bizarre has a massive circulation internationally has covered all this and ASFR, but not terribly well as they tend to be pretty vacous with layout by a monkey at best.

Still waiting on the major fetish magazine to get back to me but they have the outline and a collection of images plus link too her. I can give you hint tho - it has a number in the title. Also explains why I've been shooting RS and others.

There's some other ideas for a club to use some Zentai suits but I'll post more when its actually happend. One of the shots I did will be used for Augusts Vinylla and will email it in once its done.

If your a model in the UK who'd be into any of this then drop me an email which is on my homepage.