Sunday, July 09, 2006

sebastian's gallery and origin...

a plug and a bit of navel gazing on my part which was brought to light when i _really_ looked at the image and realised why it attracted me so much.

first sebastian's gallery has more updates, new images and colored in work here which is where i downloaded the inked-in image from.

thinking back i remember being fascinated by mannequins, but also balloons as a kid. i guess thats where my first real contact with latex came from at an early age. you might have all done this too; putting a balloon on your finger or fingers. well i managed a fair bit more, i put and entire balloon over each foot up to my ankles.

i sat there and marveled at how my normal skin was now totally latex, balloon like and so tight and shiny compared to my drab all so normal skin. wondering, dreaming of what it would be liked to have them up to my knees, my thighs and then be totally coated.

i think i managed to only keep them on for a few minutes before i had to take them off as it was impossibly tight or they ripped. one or the other. i dreamed of being latex and as the only real latex too hand was balloons, then balloons it was.

being absorbed, captured and held in a balloon was one of my early fantasies to make myself latex. if it was some sort of sexy more mature balloon woman then so much the better. i'd be absorbed and transformed into a latex being.

it wasn't until several years ago that i came across some british fashion magazine - i-D i think - which had a spread on some designers working with latex.


the models legs were totally coated in smooth and shiny black latex... and there was full dresses and clothing!!!!!!


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Anonymous said...

it's nice to remember where the latex fetish/liking came from. you're lucky, you can sort of pin-point where it might've started. i'm not so lucky.
the ealier memory i had was my mom driving me to the kindergarden and she was wearing a pair of (i think) really tight leather gloves and i was fascinated by how "second skin" they look, i couldn't take my eyes off her hands.
anyway, it developed into how tight gloves could be (yes, my fetish started with gloves) and soon i was into rubber and latex gloves.
at the same time i found that i was getting all worked-up by the idea that someone might get the gloves (and later a mask) stuck to they skin and unable to take them off for a while, sort of forced into it. that lead me to investigate bondage, although i didn't like it, i was captivated by the latex and leather clothing and how tight and second skin was, i was hooked.

i just wanted to share my story

james w