Sunday, July 09, 2006

something to be locked into..

i found this while looking at mannequins for sale on ebay. essentially its just a torso, but the idea came to me that it looks like the wearable one by allen jones (search previous enties).

so wonder how hard it would be to convert it to a wearable body? i mean you'd have to be the right size, or smaller with some foam padding.

i know there's a uk company that makes these overly ornate and decorted plastic breast/chest peices which are just too busy for my taste. but this, combined with a matching pewter latex catsuit or a contrasting one would be really amazing.

i've seen similiar in shop windows in jet polished black and total chrome.... still its an idea.

if your the right size. i think my bum maybe too big for it...

another way to do it is have a sculpture student do a cast of your body, then a vacume plastic molde of it. then it would be guaranteed to fit. one thing i'd always thought would be way kinky is a cast of my face, then have a sterling silver face i could wear over it with just eyes and nose holes.... maybe these little rivits along the edges so it would look like it was actually bolted to my head.



Anonymous said...

Check out the tutorial at this site:

It shows how to build vacuform props and costumes, so you could theoretically build yourself a hard plastic doll costume (with flexible joints, if you're planning to move around in it...) using this technique. You'll have to build a few things, but it's all doable.

Check out the rest of the site, it includes more help on costume making, including latex mask-making, etc.

FellipeC said...

This is a wonderful idea.
Perhaps if you make molds of your own body and use they to make a manequin copy of you, but hollow and separeted in 2 halves.
the 2 halves may be screwed together with dozen of tiny allen screews by the sides, sealing you immobile into the cast.
Some one also may wish to make one like this, but without the head, so your head is free on top of a hard plastic body. With lucky some shop wants to use those kind of manequins.