Friday, July 28, 2006

my boot training...

and no i don't mean licking the soles of them or anything like that.

what i mean is getting too the point wearing them daily that they're just so part of day to day life that you'd be lost without them and they're simply a part of you.

and i've reached that stage i think and probably well past it.

i'm not trapped in them due to tendon shrinkage or anything, tho i definately know when i'm not in heels in my soles my calfs and thighs. i guess its like my body has remapped it senses to say 'this is me now' and with out the boots or the heels i'm something not me? i think i've shrunked?

does that make any sense at all?

to recap its been since feb since i started wearing them thanks to continous support from tsg who kinda stoked that fetish in me.

so now onward and upwards, 5"s and higher...


1 comment:

FellipeC said...

You may try to bound your legs and feet to a kind of stick for sleep, so your feet stay 'en pointe' for night