Sunday, July 16, 2006

anyone hypno-domme'd?

i sent off a couple of emails too some web based hypno dommes and i finally had one reply to say yes she had done living dolls before and yes it was possible to become latex through hypnosis.

well thats all good news.

but she's been totally crap at replying in more than short statement.

anyone else had experiences with them? successes, failures, complaints to customer services?

please share



Dan ( said...

You asked, so I will reply:

I am no eXpert with hypnodommes but usually, they are in very high demand and constantly get bombed with emails and IM's. This one HD sent me a screenshot of all the IM windows up and it was just amazing. Too many to get accurate count.

So that is why at first they are quick and short with replies. I would imagine.

Well, that is my theory from my experience, anyone else want to chime in?

Take care.

WinterRose said...

I've not seen any of the professional hypnodomme types out there doing the doll thing. The ones I've previewed to see what their styles were like would throw out the word 'hypnotized doll' every now and again. But not in the context that they wanted to guide you through any sort of dolly-esque session. More like the term 'doll' as your being their toy to dally with.

My own emnity with some of the hypnodommes out there is somewhat known in the community. This is not to say that there aren't a few good ones out there. You'd just have to look.

I'd say the closest some of them seem to get to dollification is a robotization session. One in particular seemed to do a three part session that slaved you in part to a kind of simplistic remote control setup. However, when I critiqued some of her other inductions, which had a few addicitve elements specifically mentioning her, she grew rather nasty with me, a side of her that her inductions wouldn't otherwise suggest of her personality or motivations. Should she go on television again, I should like to phone in and read back what she typed to me for the world to hear.

I've since deleted her files, and not sought them out since. As nice as her voice was, my knowledge of her won't allow me to fall under to her anymore.

And then there's one particular OTHER domme, who pretty much symbolizes everything wrong with the practice of Online Hypnotic Domme-ing. Abusive, bad pronounciation, anounciation, lazy speech, bad recording, and a mean spirited sort of style that really only the most masochistic person could enjoy being conned by. She has a tendency to spam related messageboards through her slaves, even when asked not to. Thrives on the worst sort of attention, not having learned that there IS actually such a thing as bad press. (Hence my not mentioning her name here. I would not even encourage someone to look just to see how awful she is.) I've even spoken with dommes that worked with her in the past, that grew tired of her ways and means, that confirmed what I've mentioned about her already.

In any case... My best advice to you, if you're going to seek out a hypnodomme?

1. Go into it as though you're going into a den of con-women. Money-Dommes pepper the community like a bad case of fleas. And usually their products/services are pretty much only a hypno-themed jumped up version of pre-recorded phone sex.

2. With a pre-recorded session of any type, listen to the whole thing first, preferably with some music going on in the background to keep you from going under if you're prone to. Listen for addictively patterned suggestions or looped suggestions intended to hook the listener into buying more of their product.

More harmful suggestions I've heard get slipped into this kind of thing are that you're unable to function with anyone else. That being with someone else is uncomfortable or painful. That you're willing to buy more and more of their stuff and not at all shy about buying them tribute gifts.

I'd suggest that once you listen to the data you've bought, you run it through your favorite sound editing program and edit out the stuff you don't agree with. Just cos you're listening doesn't mean you have to obey every last thing.

Part of the safe and sane mentality is that you set your limits and that the person you're playing with respects them. In a prerecorded situation, this isn't really possible. So since they're not an active participant, looking out for your boundaries, take your own steps to make sure they don't overstep your limits. And you paid for it. Edit it however you like! ^_^

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