Saturday, July 29, 2006

japanese writing for doll?

a couple of days ago i was privillaged to get a preview of a story written by a new author that hits several of my favourite ideas and fetishes. in fact he got the idea from reading this blog!

i'm waiting for an aok to post the story which i hope to do sometime within the next month or so.

one throw away idea he had in it was the japanese word for 'toy doll' on a character.

so the question is - is there a graphic / icon / word for 'doll' or in fact 'toy doll'

i can see it used for a cute t-shirt....



Edo-The Akibakei said...

The Kanji for this is 人形 in Japanese
玩偶 in Han Chinese and 玩偶 in Traditional Chinese. To view the characters you need to use the Japanese and Chinese language paks.

Asudem Latex said...

is that just 'doll' or 'toy doll'?

which one's which?

is there one for rubber and latex? :-)


Edo-The Akibakei said...

The word for toy is おもちゃ in Hiragana or オモチャ in Katakana, there is no kanji. Rubber or latex is ゴム.
Might be a good play on words to use 人形姫 Ningyo Hime/Doll Princess or 人形娘 Ningyo Musume or Doll's Daughter as a catchphrase and have some graphics of a girl done up as a karakuri doll.

Asudem Latex said...

so it would be: ゴム 人形 or the other way around?

maybe just doll on a pink latex mini shirt would be cute?


Edo-The Akibakei said...

I would just go with 人形 as using the word ゴム lessens the effect-in fact that would leave you open for ridicule by anyone who can read Japanese or Chinese characters.

ゼンタイ娘 zentai musume or ゼンタイ美処女 zentai bishojo might also work.

Continuing on there are おもちゃ/オモチャ toys, 大人のおもちゃ/adult toys, 子供のおもちゃ/kids toys and a whole slew of other toys such as 女性のおもちゃ/women's toys and so on...

But, that's an entirely different story and I'll leave off here while visions of latex encased bishonen dance around in asudem's head.

E said...

one Japanese-English dictionary I read showed the word for 'doll' and the word for 'mermaid' are identical when written in English. The difference is that 'doll' ends in a long O and 'mermaid' ends in a short 'O'