Sunday, July 09, 2006

when i'm not wearing heels....

i finally opted for a pair of melissa plastic running shoes a couple of weeks ago as thats exactly what barbie would wear if she had flat feet. the ones above are the same style as the ones i have now. they are pretty cute and cybery. i wear then with short socks and sometimes just by themselves.

whats really the thing tho is the material, its a soft and pliable plastic that smells of bubblegum. it sooo nice... so smooth and i do them up really tight so i'm really in them if you know what i mean.

i'm really fussy about materials and sometimes i get joshed about it by friends who are just going for the look of clothing but not what it feels like or how its made. which is one reason i really avoid pvc. its all in the details i say.

so the material they make the melissa's out of - imagine knee high boots made from them, or even taller..... or a mannequin / doll suit.... wow.... coated in a soft pliable plastic..

just imagine...

in the mean time the shoes are cheap on ebay and some of them are colored schemed like iMacs... :-)



Asudem Latex said...

well i do wear heels most of the time now. like 90-95%, but i've needed to wear running shoes or flats recently so i now have these.

i do so love the material they're made from and the smell!!! bubblegum - now how cool is that?

slipping my sock covered foot into them is just so yummy.. stockings too.... and when i wear them with not socks or anything on its sort of like when i wear latex... :-)


Anonymous said...

cool !!!