Tuesday, July 18, 2006

designs for doll joints?

i did do it to myself a few times and i know roughly what they were but i now can't find the images that inspired me.

i'll keep looking but if anyone has suggestions or images then please send them in and i'll add to this entry.

straight lines are of course fine, but mine were sort of more like marrionette / puppet joints. made me look more doll/artificial like.

suggestions, samples and comments?



Anonymous said...


I'll try to send you a couple pics I found on the net for inspiration.

- James

Bradley said...

One thing in general you might want to try is to do a more "herringbone" pattern with the doll joints, versus drawing thick straight lines.....

I can't quite do a proper underline here, but the general idea is to have one fine, straighter line on either, or both sides of a pattern of diagonal lines that *draw the eye* into the joint....for (limited) example, please extend the underscores *under* the following:


Now if I could do proper underlining on this thing it would be obvious, but the idea is that the underscore line that should be under the angle marks is the main joint line, while the angle marks would be the finer "detail" lines drawing the eye into the joint.

Hope this made sense. :S

FellipeC said...

I like the second pic, of the girl in pink. Very nice joints

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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