Wednesday, July 19, 2006

pink panties arrived!!

just a quick entry to say the new panties from ynoty arrived and they're amazing. so thin and sexy!!

makes my basic black molded ones look like some sort of 'bridgette jones' ones made from denim :-( these are much more the way too go.

so given the hot weather i'll switch over for now until it cools down. i had noticed some sweat leakage when i wore the body to work on monday and tuesday this week. just as well as they arrived really.

for the backstory and the photo of them look here, as well as ynoty's contact details and ebay listings. and no photo's of me wearing them, besides not having a camera they are semi transparent you know :-P

i was also told he also does a very good pair of basic slacks and has perfected a hood now...



Tony said...

I'm delighted you like the panties Asudem, awww, no photos of you wearing them. Shame , I was kinda looking forward to those. :-D

best regards,

-aka ynot aka wired-

blackice said...

Pretty good posting time to NY too. Glad I can help.


Anonymous said...

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