Thursday, July 20, 2006

low res, full res where?

further to an earlier mention about eric stanton there seems to be a yahoo group dedicated too him with a nice collection of images.

"Bound in Leather" folder contains over 100 pictures of women being turned into doll-like objects and can be found here but you need to be a member.

so does anyone know where the same set (or others) can be found at full resolution?



ash said...

They are from a boo. I'm not sure of the original (check out
for a list of most of his bewilderingly numerous publications) but the Taschen reprint "The Art of Eric Stanton: For the Man Who Knows His Place" by Eric Kroll is the most likely modern source.

Cynthia Latex said...



marqu said...

Full resolution is very relative. It depends i.a. on the scanning settings that were used.
I have downloaded the set in question from

But there are other sources like or just search for "adult comics" or similar expressions.

Anonymous said...

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