Thursday, July 13, 2006

flicking through a fetish magazine....

a long time ago at a used magazine shop i saw a series of images with this one was part of.

i didn't buy it and it stuck in my mind for years. wondering what it would be like to have a catsuit and be suspended like a doll or a puppet like that.

just still, silent and trapped. coated in latex....

strange how some images just hit you and burn into your mind. like a scene ina film, a glimpse that turns into a solid memory that haunts you.

then you accidently find it on the interent and you know you weren't dreaming it all.

do you have any images or experiences like that?



FellipeC said...

About the images that stuck in my mind, one I have
is from a video of a girl
walking in ballet heels and wearing a green latex
dress. I became hipnotized
by the girl walking such way.
About latex the first image that became imprint in
my brain is from a black
latex catsuit with feet and gloves, at a gallery
from (the first
site I found about latex clothes years ago). That
catsuit was a vision of a
old dream of a sking tight garment, the girl was
wonderful in it
The most recent image that refuses do leave my brain
is from the video clip
of "Everybody change" from Keane. In video the
pianst is replaced by a
doctor, a geisha and a ballet dancer. The ballet
dancer is so cute, so
beautyful, like that dolls that dance over old music

Paula Glamour said...

Hi, Dolly! Nice to "meet" you, truly. Your blog is really lovely and interesting : i'm used to taste it. I'm also in a kind of transformation. I'm french, and when i was eleven years old (i'm now thirty eight), i traveled with my parents to Paris. I remember that we went into a very big shopping centre. It was the afternoon in summer. As usual in such places, i found alone the book department and i began to read comics books. At a reduced price, the "thing" appeared there : it was a french edition of US comics "The Baronness Steel's museum of torture" by Jim, obviously a very rare object: early visions of "metallic bondages", High heels, sexy damsels in distress. Hieratic desires. Leather dresses. Of course, i couldn't buy the thing because it was about sexuality. The burning underground thing would be lost and sadly i forgot it until the "fire" came back when i was thirteen : two drawnings of The Baroness were shown in an encyclopedia concerning international comics books (i was a fan) and i was able to get it! Now, hieratic glimpses had grown on my own skin and in spite of myself, but with a certain addiction, i'm transformed more and more often in a pretty living fetish object... Kisses.

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