Thursday, May 17, 2007

another stage of my conditioning is underway

after a week in latex tights - my baby pink ones from libidex - i've decided to wear my short sleeved body for the next week. i had worn them together over the weekend which left me almost totally latex. if the body was long sleeved then i'd pretty well be a latex doll from the neck down.

the feeling of the body is certainly different compared to the tights. it compresses me more sort of corset like and is more of a constant feeling. maybe i had it made too tight, i'm not sure. getting used to it i think will be more work relative to the tights. those i'm sure i could just stick on now and not ever take them off again.

the other problem or hitch with the body is that it has a back zip to get into and no crotch snaps... so its pretty involved to go to the bathroom, especially when i'm in the office... still i continue my training and follow where it leads me



Anonymous said...

A helpful hint or two:

--cutting back on the caffiene might help, as drinks with lots of caffiene do make you use the bathroom more, it's a diuretic.

--you might also try training yourself to use the bathroom at home *before* putting on the body, as the extra pressure at the waist might be making things worse (from two layers of latex there?).

Still, this is a most excellent step forward for you Asudem. ^_^ I'm so happy for you! You just wait and see, you'll be calling yourself Barbie (or whatever your doll name is) in no time as you mistake more and more of yourself for shiny pink dollyness....

--Brad Poe

Luiz said...


I remember you had a hood, why dont wear it at home together with the other 2 pieces?

Rina said...

Another thought is always a catheter others who have embarked on such a journey have had them put in. It's just a thought I'm not debating the health ramifications or anything

Asudem Latex said...

rina, you said others who embarked on such a journey? you know people who have or ar you doing it? is it ongoing or was there and end result?

please fill us all in with what you know. or u can email me privately


Dan said...

Rina said...
"Another thought is always a catheter..."

You say that so nonchalantly! I
have had a catheter before, I can

Maybe it's just I NEEDED more morphine at the time of removal ;)


Rina said...

I forget where but I remember reading on this other womans site who wears like a clear latex catsuit over her whole body 23 hours a day... I got a memory like a steel trap... one that's been left in the rain and rusted open.

and Dan No one said the path to what one wants is easy, I can imagine it's painful but hey... what are ya gonna do?

L.E. said...

Personally I love the idea of having a woman wear something that makes her have to strip near naked to use a toilet...of course,that's because my interests include diaper training...