Saturday, May 05, 2007

i guess they were meant for me

i had an email from westwardbound in cornwall, who always seem to have a sale on of some sort. this time it was slighty stained items all for under 30£... most of the items were way to small for me - great if your a small japanese girl however.

a few things caught my eye and i emailed an order in. i just heard back and sadly unsuccessfull on the nuns habit though i did manage to snag three latex collars of different designs for about 5-8 bucks each. two with dangling locks and another with a D ring.

i've been thinking alot about collars and collaring of late. partly due to second life experiences and others from ongoing emails.

i was in my eternity collar all last saturday and while i love the look and the idea of it, i still have this problem that it weighs alot and doesn't rest comfortably on my neck and shoulders. too long and its pretty painfull and leaves me with a sore neck. i had a look around and there are other versions of it which distribute the weight more evenly than on just two points. still it maybe just a matter ot training to get used too it. the better designed ones are clsoe to 200 euro's so i think i'll leave that for some time as i rather work on my latex wardrobe. maybe shift it onto the list of things that will be done to me when i'm living full time as someones precious latex doll.

collars really do call to me like a siren, they never did before i can hear it now. its for the act, the symbol they are, the accpetance and permenance. some people in sl do collaring to any passing wanna-be sub, but there's way more too it i think and i feel deeply about it all.

these new ones will be coming in the post pretty soon. definately not stylish or subtle enough to wear to work, these will become a staple part of my home wearing training.

after all i need to practice for the real thing one day?



L.E. said...

I've never yet collared/owned anyone in an online setting because it means more to me than most,it represents a committment I have not made or asked.So I see where you're coming from there.

But when are you going to start working on sleeping in latex again?

Asudem Latex said...

oh sometime soon i think, maybe when it gets warmer still