Saturday, May 19, 2007

just too show anyone can wear them

sorry its not the latex leggings that have hit the fashion magazines, though i do think the effect and look is pretty well the same. these are pvc skinny jeans. look ok even as they've been worn in this very amateur video clip on youtube.

personally a short skirt over them would be better from a style and fashion point of view.



SanderO said...

This looks to me like a typical online exhibitionist's video... "hey look.. I wear these kinky leggings around the house.. ain't I cool!"

What would "impress" me if someone was on some street corner cafe and took a 5 or 10 minute video which showed everyday people going about their biz wearing skin tight shiny leggings or similar... but vids taken in some kitchen in Kansas means only that people are perving in private... and we know that already... It's always been like that.

The odd person will venture out.... usually to a flashy party or a club which some shine on... but I don't see it on the street for hanging out or working... or shopping. Have you?

Anonymous said...

Actually, I did once a *long* while ago, back in 1990 or so.

She was this blonde woman, looked like she was in her 20s...and she did have on a pair of *TIGHT* blue latex or PVC leggings, and a matching padded top that also fit her very snugly, along with matching shiny high heels...

And she was at the MALL. I saw her where there *was* an Osco Drug Store, and now...well, it's been the GAP store for some time.

The only thing I can think of is that between 1990 and 1998, before I got on the World Wide Web, there *were* some dolling things going on, but they were really isolated and underground, so much so that folks could be flagrant and get away with it.

Either that or she was in club wear and just making a quick run while in it. ^_^

Still...these things are in their own way like any other fashion statement...they come and go in *cycles*. The dolling thing, rare as it was, hit one peak in 1997-1999, and might well hit another peak soon.

Why? Because locally at my end, places are selling high-heeled shoes that normally wouldn't have even *imagined* doing it before.

It's one thing when the Earrings, Cheap Jewlery and Accessories store at the mall starts selling Melissa-looking shiny plastic high heels...

It's another when the local *Fresh FISH and Bait Shop* by the railroad tracks starts becoming the "Secret Source for all your DIVA shoes!" I'm quoting the sign on the storefront as I *saw* it yesterday, I'm not making this up.

So yeah...out here in Champaign Illinois, United States where I live (not a huge town, but hardly a log cabin or three in the woods either), it looks like dolling of some sort (or elements of it) are on the rise.

Just saying. --Brad Poe

f&art said...

wow you seem to be as (fashion) latex obsessed as i am
even more. Great pictures, nice video

best regards,