Saturday, May 19, 2007

three down to one

my discounted super savings collars from Westward Bound arrived. all three are in great condition and not sure why they were on sale at all.

sadly only one of the three really fits. guess which one...

the pink one! like it was meant for me.

the purple one is nice but absolutely teeny and the grey has a nice big buckle but must of been for who knows what as its absolutely huuuge. think it might be a good way to bind my knees together under a long skirt for a hobble like walk. i guess the purple one could be used as something - not sure what.

so fate or destiny has narrowed my choices down to baby pink latex.

i guess its all meant to be?



sick puppy said...

I don't believe in those thinghs, but who knows, maybe it is.

Mysticcook said...

The gray one you describe, sounds like a Posture Collar. its to keep perfect posture of the neck, also doesn't allow you to move your face side to side.