Wednesday, May 16, 2007

poofy dresses and long legs

some more scans from the bumber issue of Vogue Italia which i still have loaaads of spreads to do. not sure when this trend will trickle down to the mainstream or will it just be fashion students wearing it? dresses have a certian burlesque feel too them so maybe thats where its all coming from.

you'll notice the make up is splashes of strong primary colours, so sort of doll like in direction and feel.

i've never had a dress like that. closest i've come is my egl one, though i think i'd like one, one day. wonder if it could be made in latex? inflatable even?


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Anonymous said...

Ok, somebody's got to say it...

These ladies make *cute dollies* even if there's not a bit of the Heavy Rubber involved. ^_^

I could just imagine Asudem in one of the shorter, poofy black dresses with her new pink tights on. What say you?

--Brad Poe