Wednesday, May 02, 2007


as i mentioned before in an earlier post, i've taken to wearing my latex slacks at home pretty well all of the time now. i think its been about six weeks in total more or less. they're nice and basic and made from a thinner latex.

i kinda worry if i wear them out for an evening that they're too thin compared to regular jeans they may snag on something and i'd be pretty exposed. so; from the waist down i'm latex.

after some discussions and proding and whatnot from emails from (u can probably guess) i kinda just started wearing my custom made egl like semi trans blouse to match. its a good looking ensemble even if the top is a bit too billowy at times (def not office wear), and its been almost a week now that i wear them when at home.

since i can do a fair chunk of work from home in my marketing job (freelance for a local co), i can get away with being in latex pretty well all day every day for the last week.

i'm also never out of heels, i put the mellissa's on first thing in the morning and i notice when i take them off and jump into bed the back of my legs are really sore if i go flat footed. in the bath yesterday i noticed a rather dramatic arch is appearing on my feet.

i smiled to myself knowing that all this means...

my latexification and dollification, is not only progressing but speeding up alot.... seriously alot.

i know it could be much faster still if i was in the right relationship with someone i loved and wanted to be a doll for. sadly i'm not so i need to do all this myself.

still i'm getting there.

now since i'm being a bit frugal with my credit cards i'm planning carefully what i buy next and how i proceed.

soon it will be a month in both the slacks and the ruffly top and another major step will have been accomplished



SanderO said...

Hmmmm Had to create a new account in new version of blogger...

Dark is now sandero.. bye Dark... Hello sandero

SanderO said...

So is your goal to be able to comfortably wear latex and heels outside the home in almost any situation... aside from being a doll and having a doll owner in your life?

Do you think you can find streetable latex for all situations? For clubbing and partying it seems to be passable and perhaps in certain public situations where people are mostly going about their business... But there are two main issues... being accepted / passing as "normal".. and being comfortable and unconstrained by what you wear to do what you are wanting/needing to do. You can take a coffee wearing anything which is not indecent... no sweat...n But walking on the hot streets in the summer in killer heels... that seems like something bound to be a problem for your body no matter how well trained it is in your apartment which some climate control.

What say you?

Anonymous said...

Blows my mind you havent found a nice guy who would support this transformation.

SanderO said...

I suppoort it.. what do you mean by support?

Anonymous said...

I meant emotionally not financially

L.E. said...

Well,she has a lot of "support" from us,no doubt!But what about learning to sleep in it?
As I recall there's been no progress toward that in a while...were there an on-site dom he could keep her from backsliding!