Friday, May 25, 2007

reports and stories...

about people who have been trained, hypnotised and conditioned to be latex dolls full time.

whether any of them true i can't say and i'd love to have some emails or im's really from people have been changed in this way and to interview and talk to these people about what they've undergone and whats exactly happened.

is there a whole layer of dedicated fetishists out there doing this from around the world, who have completed the journey i'm on and now just content to be latex dolls?

i also get these emails claiming to be 'master this' and 'mistress this' and offers of taking me on. they never get past the first email or two as they can't be bothered to know about me. its all i have a big 'xxx' wether its a car, house, experience or body part and expect me to jump or kneel. i guess that falls into the 'ethics' department that the hypnopodcast covers.

so i continue by myself, sharing my thoughts and scrapbook along the way with you all.


comment: i do appreciate the comments on my blog but i want to hear from people who are doing it, not from people complaining they aren't doing it or that it can't be done.


SanderO said...

I think most online contacts are fantasy and very very few people live anything close to 24/7 fetish centric lives.

Reality is that you need to support yourself and so if you are going to lally gog around in rubber all day someone has to pay the rent and stuff your pie hole and pay for all the expensive gear... So you would need to find some partner who has enough money or income to support this lifestyle... that is... you doing nothing in life.

I tend to think that sex and fetish are really part time activities. Sure we have a 24/7 identity... but we don't do sex 24/7 even when we identify as a latex lover... for example. When we DO do it.. or get into a scene... then that is our chosen "style".

The 24/7 fetish transformation also requires one to give up so many other things in live which would interfere with the fetish centric approach. How many jobs are available for someone who is wrapped in rubber all day? Perhaps working in a fetish boutique.. or as a model or a fetish photographer's assistant... or maybe work from home where you never have to interact with the public. That narrows down careers choices.. Mom and dad might be disappointed.

And who really wants such a level of isolation and detachment? We all enjoy things like shopping or sports, or attending performances... vacations, or dining out or sailing, skiing or kyacking .. you name it. Who wants to give up all these possibilities to be a 24/7 fetish doll or fetish person?

Fetish is driven by sexual energy. And again... how many people have the type of libido which can invade so many of their waking hours? For most of us it is under the surface and it needs to be stroked up to get us into "action". Fetishists need to get into their gear and their scenes... all part of their deal... But really who wants to focus on "sexual energy" 24/7? Sure sex feels nice getting aroused and getting off and so on... but there are far too many things in most people's lives to go the 24/7 route.

It is hard enough and requires a lot of commitment just to get all the gear and outfits and find a compatible partner who groves on what you do and you grove on what they do (or want).

The whole 24/7 thing is basically something that the mind creates... the logical conclusion to an idea... if X feels cool for Y minutes... how about forever? Why not? And so fantasies are born and people engage in a mix of fantasy and reality.

When you read the accounts of LatexLadyII it may seem interesting and exciting.. but who would want that type of life all the time? Her's sounds a bit exotic because she and her hubby are flush with cash and use their wealth to "do things" that most can't do. How interesting would it be to read about someone who has a very limited fetish centric life? It wouldn't be.

All the catchy reads are people who devote lots of time and CASH to their fetish activities... Some have decided to become pay for view fantasies for others (and live such a life -Puppette).

Having been to university and with a profession, I can't see giving up everything to be a fetish person 24/7 or even limiting all my contacts to pervs. I love ballet and opera and sailing and these are incompatible with 24/7 perving.

But it is pretty interesting to see how far people take their perv... even if it IS part time.

Luiz said...


Very true

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'd think it would take a very rare combination of wealth and personalities for folks to even *get* that close to a 24/7 fetish type of relationship. This seems to be true at least of the more common, less "out there" things like waist/corset training, and ballet heels training, both of which pretty much *demand* partners and a serious budget.

My goal, should I *ever* find someone I can work with on the doll stuff, in a loving relationship in *real life* face-to-face, is to go for a 24/1 or 24/2 as regards the dolling. As in, something around either that "One hot night a week" or the "dolling on the weekends, free during the week" concept.

Anything more than that is going to take a *lot* of luck if it is going to be real and not just hype. I've bounced around the idea of the "normal by day, dolly by night" thing and really only one of my online lady dolls has ever taken me up on that offer--at least online. And the one who did supposedly works in the lingerie business, according to what she tells me, so there's some leeway built in for oddly dollified behavior in terms of the job.

So yeah...I'd personally say, "show me the pics", or show me some *proof* that it isn't just hype. Faces can be cropped from pictures to protect privacy, I really fail to see why it's such an issue.

Or why some folks keep on hiding and feeding the cynicism, you know?

Just saying--Brad Poe

sick puppy said...

I agree with sandero. 24/7 takes too much of everything. What Brad Poe suggests (24/1 or 24/2) sounds quite practicable.

Luiz said...

Indeed this is what I try do to with my wife. Some nights or a day a week, isn't nothing to strict, we do things when are in mood. Some weekends we just wish to rest, another just to do something like a doll day, and so on.

Anyway something are done in a daily basis, like wearing corset.

Anonymous said...

You aren't going to hear from any living dolls if they exist, because they'll be living dolls and probably won't be able/want to use a computer. And how can you trust what anyone says?

Having said that there was a feature in an Australian magazine about 'Kink in the suburbs'. One of the couples was living the rubber lifestyle.

They'd get home from work and change into full rubber outfits then cuddle on the sofa and watch TV. Sex was done via "openings in the suits".

So if you were living in a relationship, it might be possible to spend a fair bit of time as a doll, come home from work, be transformed, and spend the rest of the evening as a doll. You'd have a dolling ritual, and a de-dolling ritual.