Friday, May 25, 2007

new shoes: retractable heels


Anonymous said...

Nice idea

jsan said...

finally women can retract thier landing gear lol!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, but I am curious now:

--Wouldn't retracting the heel from the higher position put the rest of the foot in a weird position? Just from the shoe in the picture, I can see how the toe would stick up in the low-heel position.

--I can see these shoes would be risky for a lady to walk backwards in, even for one step. Unless the hinge locks in place and is really durable, you run a risk of folding the heel back under a backwards step and maybe breaking the thing. is good to see folks trying new ideas. ^_^ Now if only someone could make that pressurized, telescoping retractable high know, the one that you can raise and lower by remote control? *lol*

Just saying--Brad Poe