Monday, May 14, 2007

one week on...

and its now over seven days straight that i've been wearing my baby pink latex tights all day till bedtime.

i'm really surprised that it wasn't as hard as i thought it may have been to do it. getting them on is always much slower than expected and i'm generally a bit stingy with the talc as it helps make latex stick better. still it was sort of an experiment to see if i could do it. i probably did the same thing when i was first in th latex panties, a week and then the big jump into full time wearing of them.

sadly my panties ripped and they're no more so i plan on another order from denbar for a pair or two and while i'm at it i'll probably get an over the knee skirt and some shoulder length long gloves. denbar's quality of molded items isn't brilliant but then they're better than most and pretty cheap.

so i can do it. a week and then how much longer? half of me is barbie pink latex and i'd watch tv staring at my doll like legs, feeling and looking oh so different, wondering about my future



Luiz said...

Wow, congratulations Asudem!!!

Perhaps now you start to dress the last tights you will ever dress.

Roen said...

Yay Asu! Keep it up dolly!